…. Some people are saying…….

I will be headed to the Juneteenth celebration today and tomorrow at Germantown Ave and Washington Lane area but that is not the premise of this article summary.

Juneteenth Mt Airy


A short article by Philadelphia’s Magazine’s Liz Spikol brings out a very interesting idea as to WHY Mt Airy has become the NEW hot area.  Liz discussed the prospect of moving from Cedar Park area in West Philadelphia to Mt Airy and the “Scenic change” to nearby parks, trails, trees and still within a 10 minute commute to Center City.  As people move to Brewery town, Spring Garden, and other trendy areas of Philadelphia, none of those areas share the “small town” feel that Mt Airy, Chestnut Hill and parts of Germantown still have.  Homes with lawns that need more than a Weed Wacker to cut.  Driveways, patios and the walks to the park.

Holloween Mt Airy


Overall,  the draw of Mt Airy and NW Philadelphia brings those that want to small town feel on the edge of a big city or the bustling community suburb on the edge of a city.  

Please send me your stories about WHY you like NW Philadelphia.

Finnally Friday Mt Airy



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